Ez OnlineScheduling
" We developed a customized Online Scheduling System for scheduling and viewing home inspections for inspectors. Using this product many inspecting companies can sign upfor an account and manage their inspection schedules. " e


The Client

A leading Arizona based firm which performs both residential and commercial inspections, has many certified inspectors offering inspection service on specialized areas. Their commitment to each and every client is to inspect their prospective home/office with thoroughness, attention to detail, and professionalism.

With the growing demand for inspections from home/office sellers and buyers, the client needed to keep pace and offer an efficient and effective service to cater to the growing market.

The Challenge

A typical schedule for an inspector in a month had more than 100 hours of inspection at various locations. The inspector's schedules and the location to inspect needed to be streamlined and scheduled to avoid discrepancies.

To solve the scheduling issues, the client needed a web based scheduling application that offered their customers with a screen to select an inspector, view schedules and book an appointment online. The application had to provide the charges for the selected inspection service to the customers.

The web application provides the Inspections management company with a user-friendly interface to manage their inspectors, their services, customers billing and customers. A mailing service is incorporated to instantly e-mail the services requested, billing details, and schedules to customers and inspectors.

  • A web based scheduling system using which, the customers can login and book a schedule against an inspector.
  • Schedule inspectors and inspection locations by zip code.
  • Provision to accept/revoke and reschedule the inspection schedules by inspectors.
  • Email service to inform the schedule details, inspection and billing details.

The Solution, an online scheduler where customers can schedule home inspections appointments through a web link created especially for them. The customers can view the inspector's calendar, book an appointment, and print custom Inspection Contract, including the price of their inspection. An email message confirms the order.

The Online scheduler includes a personal control panel for inspectors to edit customers, appointments, and contract. The inspector can view the color codes schedules and calendar events, and have the ability to block out appointments when the inspector plans a vacation. Also, the web application allows the clients to customize his screens colors and layout.

Expert Outsource developed the data driven application using ASP.Net with MS- Sql Server 2000 and using AJAX technologies.

Online Calendar displaying the slot
availability and holiday of an inspector.
Screen displaying the schedules
and zip code area for an inspector