MCS Production Log
" We designed and developed a web based process and document flow tool for one of the largest outsourcing service providers in US for back office medical data processing handling high volumes of data in various formats such as text, image, audio and video. " e


The Client

MCS, one of the largest outsourcing service providers in U.S for back office medical data processing handles high volumes of data in various formats such as text, image, audio and video. The basic operations include scanning the documents, indexing and storing all information securely. Based on the orders placed by their clients, MCS provides the document in the requested format. MCS makes the medical records affordable, efficient, and complete, through innovative electronic document imaging and document storage solutions.

The Challenge

MCS needed a Document Management and Distribution system with capabilities to handle a wide variety of administrative functions that are efficient and capable of processing high quality medical records. The application had to deliver utilities and programs to synchronize customer orders, link documents with existing data, retrieve, and assimilate and process/workflow analysis to address the specific needs of the document request order.

  • The application required capturing orders placed by the clients, retrieving the document, assigning process and working flow.
  • The application had to offer scheduling and tracking of the document flow.
  • Orders needed to be billed and documents to be delivered to the location from where the orders were placed.

The Solution

MCS Production Log, a web based intranet application was designed and developed to interact with a database collaborating data with other applications. The application streamlined the orders requested by the clients and created a schedule and workflow for the requested document to be processed.

The application managed the order, the requested service type, provision to allot machines and equipments to handle the order, schedule manpower, manage bills. Reports such as Billed Job Report, Batch Status Report, Billed Activities Details, pickup and delivery report could be generated for management to make better decisions.

Specifically the system allowed:

  • MCS to track the document ordered, its status, billing and delivery details through a controlled web based application.
  • This ensured there were no loss of document, no discrepancies in scheduling and processing the document, no bottlenecks in the workflow.
  • This improved the work efficiency of MCS.

Technology used

MCS Production Log: Asp.Net, MS-SQL 2005, and Microsoft Ajax.

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