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Expert Outsource offers custom software development services for small and medium businesses. We specialize in web based applications, cloud based product development and complex workflow applications. Starting from project scoping through design, development, implementation, maintenance and support, our team offers the experience and expertise to design, implement and maintain business workflow applications. Our applications have resulted in significantly reducing costs and resulting in a more efficient and effective workflow process. Founded in 2003, our technical expertise lies in crafting IT solutions that fulfill the business needs of our clients. We specialize in Microsoft Technologies - ASP.NET 4.0, VB.NET, C#, SQL Server 2012, JQuery, Ajax, HTML5 and XML based apps. We are experts in latest cloud based product development technologies using Redis, MongoDB, Knockoutjs, Pusher and Twillo and hosting on AWS and other servers.

We have developed custom software solutions for a variety of industries including healthcare, insurance, pharmaceuticals, travel, manufacturing, retail and telecom. Our custom business applications cover billing and inventory, document management solutions, CRM, logistics, supply chain management, car dealerships, e-commerce, asset management and specialized work-flow applications. Expert Outsource designs data-driven websites keeping the customer's customer in mind. Our programming team's passion is to help our customers use IT to improve their workflow processes, reduce cost and increase efficiency in running their business. To achieve this end, we work on a model of onsite visit to understand project requirements, observe from the customer's viewpoint, suggest improvements where needed and then work on a win-win partnership developing the correct IT solutions for their needs.



"The nature of our business demands state of the art technology and an understanding of international business systems.

We interviewed many companies and found Expert Outsource was the only one who provided the answers and solutions that would work for us, including protecting our intellectual property and copyrights."

Dr. Brad Smith,President, PeopleKeys Inc.

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