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Legacy Application Development and Maintenance

You work in a big company that has an application that was developed several years back. An application that works – but has aged over time. Technologies change. And businesses have to move with the changes. We understand that data is valuable. And needs to be preserved. To be migrated to a newer platform – to be presented in readable and printable reports – to be exported to excel or pdf or mailed as alerts to responsible people. Or sent as SMS alert. We are experts in legacy application migration. We’ve been here long enough to know the old programming languages and the new. And we can maintain existing applications and add new features, tweak them and get them working the way you want. Call us now – we are here to solve problems.

Our expertise in technology, communication and knowledge transfer helps us to quickly and completely understand existing legacy applications. We can migrate these applications to new versions, import the database and make new database design changes. We can clean up existing data, mine data for useful information and show results in the form of management reports and graphs.